Demand for cancer support services has never been greater

Risk of Cancer

About the Expansion

The population of our region has grown. Almost 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. With more people being diagnosed every day, demand for practical and psycho-social cancer support services has never been greater. Michelle’s Place offers unique emotional support resources to patients beginning with the very first symptom and lasting through the entire cancer journey. The need has grown in our community and now more space is needed to serve more people.

What is Michelle’s
Place expanding?

With growing uncertainty about healthcare and cancer support, organizations like Michelle’s Place are more important than ever to ensure quality of life for individuals with cancer. Michelle’s Place has outgrown the current space which has prompted the Executive Board to agree on securing our future by purchasing our own building. Space and services provided will increase to include ALL cancers.


Why now?

Michelle’s Place is answering the call of the community who identified cancer support services and resources as limited in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. No one should face cancer alone.

What does the expansion mean to Breast Cancer Patients?

Breast cancer will remain the primary focus of Michelle’s Place. The expansion will allow more services to breast cancer patients while at the same time providing resources to individuals with any type of cancer.


Your generous contribution to the Michelle’s Place Expansion Project is essential for us to make Our Vision into a reality!

No One Will Face Cancer Alone

There are several ways to help:

For more information contact Jennifer at 951-699-5455 or [email protected].