Expressive Art Classes


Expressive Art Classes

This class meets every other Monday, check our monthly calendar for the next class. 

The Expressive Art Class uses art as a form of therapy and self-exploration. Each session will help you practice creativity while opening the door to calming strategies and awareness techniques. Participants gain better insight of themselves through sharing feelings and exploring a host of topics with group dialog and discussion. It’s part art, part relaxing, part “therapy,” part discussion and in addition, the class is FUN!

The Expressive Art Class is lead by Tammy Marine, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley. Tammy is an avid artist and creator. After her son died in a tragic car accident, she used art combined with meditation to help her cope with the immense sadness she experienced and believes the creative process helped her stabilize her emotions and get onto the road to healing.

For more information or to sign up for the class call (951) 699-5455 or email [email protected]